Thank you for your interest in Peachy Clean of Mid GA. We ask clients to read these policies to promote a great working relationship. If you have any questions, please let me know, 478.239.5566.

Work Hours

We arrive at the office at 9am Sunday through Friday. The first house of the day we should arrive by 9:45-10 am, depending on the distance from the cleaning from the office. Due to weather conditions, traffic and distance between cleanings, pinpointing time of arrival after the first house can be hard to do, we will try to guesstimate for clients who ask. We typically try to leave ALL homes no later than 5pm. However, we will complete the home before leaving, so there are a few times we run a little later than 5pm. Empty homes that are deep cleans will sometimes be cleaned in the evenings to keep the maintenance cleanings on schedule.


We accept cash, check and cards through invoicing. We also have the option to set up recurring payments, so you have one less item to worry about. If interested in the recurring payment option, please contact us so we can email you a form to fill out.

We ask for payment on the day of service, upon completion. Cash or Checks should be put into a sealed envelope with “Peachy Clean” clearly written on it, so the employees know to grab it. Any invoices that go 7 days past due will automatically have a 10% late fee added to it. Returned check fee is $35.00


We want to provide each client with quality and detailed cleaning during every service. We require each new client to start with a deep clean to ensure we get the home or office to a “clean slate.” This helps us start fresh since every cleaning company is different.

During the consultations we ask about preferred days to clean, to meet your scheduling needs. We try our best to have cleanings done on your preferred days. There are a few times when we are unable to schedule on preferred days due to our cleaning zones. Our service area is split into zones to maximize our day and be more efficient.


We schedule employees based on the day’s workload expected, late cancellations deprive employees of income we require for at least 48-hour notice before the scheduled cleaning for any cancellation. Any cancellation without a 48-hour notice will result in a $75.00 fee, clients will receive an invoice for the cancellation fee that is to be paid before the next scheduled cleaning. Any cleaning that falls on a Monday should be cancelled by 9 AM on the Friday before.

Delay in Cleaning

Recurring cleanings are done so we can maintain the cleanliness of the home and provide employees with a predictable schedule and stable income. When clients skip the recurring cleanings, employees will have to take more time to get the cleaning back to the appropriate condition, which will result in an increased cleaning fee. Weekly clients will be moved to a biweekly cleaning price to cover the time needed to complete the cleaning. Biweekly client will be moved to a monthly clean price. A monthly client will be moved to a deep clean price. After the recurring cleaning is back on schedule the original price will take effect.


Lockouts deprive employees of income. We do ask for keys or codes for entry to cleanings to prevent lockouts. However, if you do not contact us to cancel a cleaning and the employee arrives and cannot gain entry or denied entry, this will result in a lock out fee of 50% of the cleaning. An invoice will be sent to the email on file and must be paid before the next cleaning.

Rate Increase

We reserve the right to adjust our rates as needed to cover costs. However, we will always give advance notice in writing to clients of any price changes.


The safety of our employees and clients is especially important to us. In the event of severe weather, we will either delay opening or close for the day, depending on the weather condition. We will always contact clients who are affected by the delay/closure. If a severe storm comes while employees are inside of a cleaning, they are told to remain at the cleaning until they feel safe to drive or the conditions have cleared.


We are closed for the major holidays such as New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Any clients that fall on a holiday will be moved to another day that week. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter holidays are our busiest times of the year. If you want an extra cleaning done the week of the holiday, we ask clients to schedule it with us in plenty of time, due to the high volume we have during those periods.


We ask clients to put fur babies up while we are cleaning. This is to prevent them from getting loose and us being liable for a lost fur baby. Also, for our safety, in the past we have seen normally sweet pups become aggressive to “protect” the home when the owners are away. We do not clean up pet accidents. Please check the home prior to leaving to make sure the house is ready to be cleaned.


Precleaning is suggested prior to our arrival. Precleaning is just picking up toys, clothes, books off the floors and surfaces, so we can focus our attention on the cleaning and disinfecting. We do offer “tidying up” as an add on, since this would require more time during the cleaning. If you would be interested in the additional service, just let us know.

Breakage or Damage

From time-to-time accidents do occur. We are cautious when we are cleaning, however we are all human. If damage or breakage occurs, we will reach out to the homeowner immediately. There are multiple ways we can make things right. Depending on the amount of damage or breakage we can file a claim. Another option is to deduct a percentage or dollar amount from the cleaning fees to cover a replacement or we will find a replacement and bring it to you.

Solicitation of Employees

We spend a lot of time and money training employees to the Peachy Clean of Mid Ga standards. There is a $2,500 finder’s fee for any direct hire of any Peachy Clean of Mid GA employees. We also have employees sign nondisclosure agreements and noncompete agreements during the hiring process to prevent employees from solicitating clients in the event of any employee’s termination.


Our goal is to provide each client with a quality detailed cleaning each time we service your home or office. We offer a 24-hour satisfaction policy, we will come back and fix any issue. Each client will have a checklist made specific to their home or office. We ask if you think we met or exceeded your expectations to leave us a review on Facebook or Google.


If you have any issues with our cleaning, please let us know. If we are not aware we are unable to fix a problem. We do ask for 2 weeks’ notice if you decide to stop our services.

Thank you for choosing Peachy Clean of Mid GA, LLC for your cleaner of choice! We look forward to creating a clean and beautiful relationship with you and your family! If you have any questions or comments please contact us at 478.239.5566 or After reading our policies, we ask for your signature to acknowledge you have read and understood the policies. Welcome to the Peachy Clean of Mid GA Family! We are excited